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Welcome to Purpose Maker; a global Mid-L.I.F.E. leadership and wisdom company designed specifically to solve your problems.

I specialize in guiding savvy, intelligent people and families toward incredible health & success. Our unique approach integrates leadership mastery, health optimization, personal development, and the pursuit of meaning and purpose. We understand that the journey of a person affects not just their business but their entire life, their community and those around them. Our team of experts and thought leaders are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions that foster both professional and personal flourishing.


What Problems We Solve

  1. Leadership Development: Bespoke coaching sessions and webinars designed to enhance your leadership skills, focusing on areas like decision-making, team management, and strategic thinking.

  2. Health & Wellness Programs: Personalized health plans including nutrition, exercise, and stress management, acknowledging that poor health pulls you away from your purpose.

  3. Personal Growth: Tailored programs to help you and your family grow personally. This includes emotional intelligence training, conflict resolution techniques, and time management strategies.

  4. Finding Meaning and Purpose: Specialized guidance to help you align your business goals with your personal values, ensuring that your entrepreneurial journey is both profitable and fulfilling.


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"My Dad is Amazing"

He makes our family a priority. 

 ~H. Wegmann - College Student.



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